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Tajik Economy Is Growing by Increasing the Volume of Industrial and Agricultural Production | GNP

DUSHANBE, 18.03.2020. (GNP): Following the timely execution of President Emomali Rahmon’s instructions, a steady growth of the country’s economy was ensured in January-February 2020, despite the influence of external factors, reports the Tajik Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.

Ensuring sustainable economic growth was achieved by increasing the volume of industrial production, agricultural production, domestic trade, services, transport, passenger transportation, as well as foreign trade.

In order to prevent the possible impact of negative external factors on the national economy, the Tajik government approved the “Action Plan for Coordinating the Implementation of Macroeconomic Policy and Preventing the Impact of Possible Risks on the national economy”. Its implementation, analysis and assessment are assigned to a permanent working group.

Recently, the decline in world oil prices, the depreciation of the Russian ruble and the spread of the coronavirus pandemic have not done without affecting the economy of most countries, including Tajikistan’s trading partners.

In this regard, the action plan to prevent and reduce the impact of possible external risks on the national economy includes a number of urgent measures that are currently being implemented.

This plan provides for measures to ensure macroeconomic stability, high-quality execution of the state budget and the efficient use of its funds, full payment of social obligations with the involvement of state and direct investments, construction and commissioning of new industrial shops and enterprises, efficient use of land, increase in production and reserves main types of basic necessities and providing the market with food.

Along with this, the issue relating to the increasing food production, in particular import substitution and ensuring abundance in consumer markets, as well as price stability, is constantly monitored by the country’s government, and responsible ministries and departments are taking constant measures in this direction.

For example, in January-February 2020, poultry production (in live weight) amounted to 4357 tons, eggs – 150 million pieces and fish – 484 tons. The poultry production compared to the same period last year increased by 4.4 times, eggs – 1.5 times and fish – 2.9 times. Also, the production of vegetable oil increased by 20% and amounted to 4.3 thousand tons.

Additionally, during this period, the production of vegetables in greenhouses amounted to 510.3 tons, including tomatoes – 357.3 tons, cucumbers – 65.9 tons and other types of vegetables – 87.1 tons.

It should be noted that there was a decrease in prices for certain types of food, in particular, egg prices decreased by 10.7%, first grade flour – by 2.2%, sugar – by 1.8%, milk – by 1.1% , rice – by 1% and cottonseed oil – by 0.9%.

Analysis shows that Tajikistan has significant resources and opportunities for the production of essential goods and products. Ministries, departments and local bodies take concrete measures to fully and effectively use them, as well as to provide the internal market with domestic products and reduce dependence on external factors.