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Rustam Emomali Inspects Hospitals Building For Coronavirus Infected Patients in Dushanbe

DUSHANBE, 04.05.2020. (GNP):  Dushanbe Chairman Rustam Emomali inspected the course of building the hospitals for the treatment of COVID-19 infected patients.

Initially, Rustam Emomali inspected the progress of construction and preparation work in the unfinished high-rise building, which is intended as a hospital for the treatment of infected patients.

Currently, the last construction works in the building are nearing completion.

While inspecting, Rustam Emomali ordered the relevant bodies and officials to complete the construction within a month

He also inspected the process of preparation work in another hospital for infectious diseases, including COVID-19.

This hospital has 6 floors and consists of 110 treatment rooms. It will soon be equipped with beds and modern medical equipment.

Rustam Emomali instructed the leadership and officials of the health sector, as well as other relevant bodies to prepare the hospital within three days for the reception and treatment of 600 people with infectious diseases.

While considering the current situation, Dushanbe’s leadership intends to provide additional modern hospitals with more than 3,000 beds with all modern conditions for the treatment of infected patients as soon as possible.