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Queen Margrethe II of Denmark to abdicate throne on January 14

Copenhagen, 1 January, 2024 (GNP): Queen Margrethe II, Europe’s longest-reigning monarch and the only active ruling queen in Europe following the passing of Britain’s Elizabeth II, announced her abdication during her traditional New Year’s Eve speech broadcast on Danish television.

The 83-year-old monarch will relinquish the throne after 52 years of reign, passing the mantle to her son, Crown Prince Frederik, effective January 14, 2024.

Citing her age and health concerns, Queen Margrethe II made the unexpected announcement, expressing her intention to step down from the throne. “In two weeks’ time, I will step down as Queen of Denmark and hand over the throne to my son, Crown Prince Frederik,” stated the queen during her address.

Historically known for her artistic pursuits, including painting, costume and set designing, Queen Margrethe II has played a pivotal role in subtly modernizing Danish royalty during her tenure.

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Renowned for her multifaceted talents, the queen’s abdication signals a transition to Crown Prince Frederik, a figure embodying Denmark’s contemporary monarchy.

Crown Prince Frederik, 55, a passionate advocate for environmental causes, has advocated for Denmark’s proactive stance in addressing climate change, aligning with modern aspirations while upholding the monarchy’s values.

With their children attending state schools to ensure a modest upbringing, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary Donaldson have represented a modern approach to royal parenting. Their endeavors have aimed to provide their children, notably Prince Christian, who recently turned 18, with a grounded upbringing.