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President Biden’s decisive speech at State of Union

The US president, Joe Biden, is going to address the State of the Union which may also decide the future of the President for the general elections of 2024

Washington, 7 February 2023 (GNP): President Biden is going to deliver his State of the Union speech after giving it a final touch at Camp David.

President Biden would address a joint session of Congress on Tuesday night, pining out his plans for the coming years to them.

The Director of the National Economic Council, Brian Deese, told the media about the probable points of this State of the Union speech. It is also reported that Deese would likely be replaced by the Vice Chair of the Federal Reserves, Lael Brainard, after this Presidential address to Congress.

This address is viewed meticulously by all quarters as it would set up the pace and momentum for the next US presidential elections scheduled for November 2024.

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However, recent polls and surveys conducted in the different strata of American society suggest that the Biden administration could not ensure them what they have been promised before the election.

The resurgence of the Republicans in the recent midterm elections and the election of Kevin McCarthy as Speaker would now give a turf battle to President Biden in Congress.

They would point to the rising of ceiling debts, illegal migrants crossing the US-Mexico border, waiving off student loans, and of course, China-US relations, tradeoffs, and balloon fiasco that may heckle President Biden’s State of the Union speech.

While the Presidential speech writing team carefully and deeply write and analyzes every word of the President’s speech, special attention is paid to the writing of the State of the Union speech.

Being the oldest president in US history, President Biden’s body language and speech delivery style would provide two options for both Democrats and Republicans.

A convincing and successful speech would enhance his prospect of re-election as president. While, a speech by an octogenarian and weak President Joe Biden may seal his fate in November 2024 elections.

After the speech, President Biden would visit the two states of Wisconsin and Florida as a move to gear up his presidential elections of 2024.