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Pakistan’s First Domestic Marine Assault Boat

The launch of these boats is aiming to combat maritime security threats.

Karachi, 24 December 2022 (GNP): Bahria Boat Building Yard in Pakistan launched its first 12T marine assault boat from the location in Karachi.
According to authorities with direct knowledge of the project, a technology transfer agreement with Polish shipyard Techno Marine resulted in the launch of the first domestically constructed 12T multipurpose marine assault boat.

Patrol troops will use the surveillance marine assault boat to reinforce the Pakistan Navy fleet.

Modern assault boats are designed to withstand armament penetration and are driven by twin engines with water jet propulsion. The most recent navigational technology is used on these ships, which can carry over a dozen passengers at once.

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More than 13 meters in length and 3.50 in width, these vessels can maneuver swiftly in coastal waters for monitoring. In addition to operating as a marine ambulance to rescue individuals from a ship or the open sea, these assault boats have other characteristics, such as firefighting in the event of any disaster at sea, because they are equipped with fire cannons.

The orders are believed to be finished in the next few days, although there has been no official statement from the Navy spokesperson on the project. A second boat, followed by two additional boats, will offer further defense to Pakistan’s maritime security.

The launch of these boats is part of a project operated by the Pakistan Navy-owned Bahria Foundation.