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Pakistan’s exports surge by 26% to UAE; expatriate community grows by 200,000

Islamabad, 21 November, 2023 (GNP): Faisal Niaz Tirmizi, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has reported a notable increase of 26% in Pakistan’s exports to the UAE during his tenure.

In a recent interview with a private TV, Ambassador Tirmizi highlighted the substantial growth in Pakistan’s trade relations with the UAE.

Ambassador Tirmizi emphasized the burgeoning Pakistani expatriate community in the Emirates, noting a significant rise of 200,000 individuals since he assumed his diplomatic role. He underlined the diversity within the Pakistani community, mentioning its involvement in various sectors such as construction, agriculture, transportation, security, medicine, engineering, and industries.

Tirmizi clarified that the Pakistani expatriates constitute a substantial community in the UAE, totaling around 1.8 million, ranking as the second-largest after Indian expatriates.

He elaborated on the limited instances of Pakistani nationals obtaining Emirati citizenship, primarily individuals who arrived in earlier decades or those who served under former UAE President Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

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The ambassador also mentioned the introduction of the Golden Visa, allowing certain expatriates with specific educational qualifications or investment to reside in the UAE for a decade.

Expressing concerns about educational facilities, Tirmizi highlighted the need for more educational institutions catering to Pakistani students in the UAE. He encouraged Pakistani investors to establish schools, colleges, and universities in the region to address this educational gap.

Discussing trade relations, the ambassador cited the annual trade volume between Pakistan and the UAE, amounting to US$11 billion. Pakistan mainly imports oil from the UAE, while its exports, worth approximately US$2 billion, include meat, rice, household items, textiles, and garments.

Tirmizi concluded by emphasizing the remarkable surge of 26% in Pakistan’s exports to the UAE over the past year and the significant influx of 200,000 Pakistanis migrating to the UAE within the last 11 months.