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Pakistan reaffirmed his stance over One-China policy

Islamabad 5th June 2020(GNP): Spokesperson of Ministry of Foreign Affairs- Aisha Farooqui shared Pakistan’s stance on Hong Kong. Pakistan being a close friend of China follows the one-China rule regarding a choice to make national security laws for Hong Kong by the Chinese enactment body.

She said, “Pakistan’s position in Hong Kong is consistent and clear. Pakistan adheres to the one-China policy. Hong Kong is a part of China and it is important for China to safeguard its sovereignty, territorial integrity, and protect the lives of its citizens”.

She further said Hong Kong is part of China and all matters related to it are China’s internal affairs and the Chinese government has the right to impose a law for their national security and non-interference.

The Chinese consulate in Karachi- Libijian also tweeted about Pakistan’s stance over Hong Kong. He called Pakistan as Iron brother for adherence to one-China policy. China and Pakistan called one another ‘Iron brother’ on many different occasions.

Pakistan and China are not only border sharing states but both states are engaged in a long strategic partnership. Both states considered one another as ‘Iron brother’. China has always supported Pakistan on the international forum on different occasions like China-a veto power in the UN has also raised voice for the people of Kashmir in front of the international community. In return is a close friend of China Pakistan once again proved his true friendship with China by following the one-China rule in Hong Kong issue.