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Pakistan-Denmark forge green alliance to tackle climate change

The Plan of Action would pave the way for joint initiatives and projects in the realm of renewable energy and green transition, Bilawal.

Islamabad, 16 June, 2023 (GNP): On Thursday, Pakistan and Denmark mutually embarked on a collaborative plan addressing climate change and promoting sustainable development.

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari met with Dan Jorgensen, the visiting minister for Development Cooperation and Global Climate Policy of Denmark, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Pakistan.

In an exchange of the Plan of Action (2023-2027) on the Green Framework Engagement Agreement, signed in August 2022, both nations have set the stage for joint initiatives and projects in the realm of renewable energy and green transition.

“The Plan of Action would pave the way for joint initiatives and projects in renewable energy and green transition driven by technological advancement and collaborative partnerships. It will also contribute towards the realization of Sustainable Development Goals,” the foreign minister stated.

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Speaking to the media after the exchange of the Joint Action Plan, Bilawal expressed his optimism regarding the agreement’s potential.

He also highlighted the need for viable policies to attract international companies to invest in Pakistan’s wind and green energy sectors.

Bilawal said that Pakistan had faced severe climate changes and experienced devastating floods last summer, resulting in loss of life and property.

He claimed that despite these challenges, both countries are determined to achieve energy transition and develop green resilient infrastructure for their citizens.

Foreign Minister Bilawal highlighted diverse areas where Pakistan and Denmark can cooperate for mutual benefits.

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Additionally, he also emphasized that this agreement would contribute to Pakistan’s goal of becoming an energy-independent and economically prosperous country.

He also appreciated the Danish government’s role in advocating green energy transition projects and climate agendas within Europe and Pakistan.

On the other hand, Danish Minister Dan Jorgensen expressed his concerns over the urgency of global efforts to combat climate change.

He pledged full support from Denmark in Pakistan’s fight against climate change and urged the international community to cooperate with Pakistan in this endeavor.

Considering the country’s location and wind potential, Jorgensen claimed Pakistan could become a superpower in wind energy. “We have decades of experience in wind energy, and we are ready to assist Pakistan in this sector,” said the Danish minister.

Moreover, Foreign Minister Bilawal commended the collaboration between the developing and developed world, as an exemplary partnership in finding solutions to global challenges.