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Open AI reveals info about ChatGPT-4

OpenAi announces that ChatGPT-4 can understand photos.

San Francisco, 17 March 2023 (GNP): The next-generation AI language model GPT-4, which can read photographs and describe what’s in them, was just released by OpenAI, according to a research blog post.

The world has been captivated by Chat GPT-3, although the deep learning language model previously only took text inputs. GPT-4 will also accept visual cues.

OpenAI issued a statement which read: “It generates text outputs given inputs consisting of interspersed text and images. Over a range of domains — including documents with text and photographs, diagrams, or screenshots — GPT-4 exhibits similar capabilities as it does on text-only inputs.”

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The AI chatbot will be able to examine the contents of images as a result. For instance, it can explain to the user what’s strange about the image of a man ironing his clothing while affixed to a vehicle.