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New Japanese Ambassador arrives in Pakistan

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The newly appointed Japanese Ambassador WADA Mitsuhiro

Islamabad, 30 November 2021 (GNP/ TDI): The newly appointed Japanese Ambassador WADA Mitsuhiro has arrived in Pakistan. On his arrival in Islamabad, he stated that it was his pleasure to work for enhancing Japan-Pak relations. He admired the rich history and culture of Pakistan.

WADA Mitsuhiro pointed out that Japan and Pakistan will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations in the coming year. He highlighted that the two countries have enjoyed friendly relations since the establishment of the ties in 1952.

He stated that he will try his best to strengthen the cooperation between the two states in the fields of economy, culture, defense, and politics. Japanese new Ambassador to Pakistan stressed that the two countries have achieved a lot in their development cooperations since it began in 1954.

Ever since Japan has been the second-largest donor for Pakistan. He underscored that Japan is committed to supporting Pakistan for development in the socio-economic sphere. The country aims to utilize its strength and expertise to assist the development process of Pakistan as well as the region.

WADA Mitsuhiro enunciated that the business ties between the two countries are robust and he will endeavor to further strengthen them. Giving the example of last year he pointed out that 2020 saw a record high export between the two partners. The exports included products like dates, mangoes, shrimps, and salt.

Apart from that, Pakistan-based Japanese enterprises have established deep business ties with Pakistan. They have also contributed to the economic development of Pakistan through investment and employment.

People-to-people exchanges in different domains have also contributed to strengthening the relationship. However, due to the pandemic limitations, relevant activities have been hindered to a large extent.

Nevertheless, the Japanese Ambassador pledged to enhance people-to-people exchange; specifically through digital means. Furthermore, he lauded the Pakistani athletes who participated in the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games despite the pandemic situation in the summer of this year.

Ambassador WADA Mitsuhiro concluded his message by stating that his motto is to make the Japanese embassy user-friendly and easily accessible. He assured that he and his staff members will make efforts to facilitate cordial, vibrant, and prosperous Japan and Pakistan relationship.

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