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Iran willing to negotiate as soon as US lifts sanctions – Hassan Rouhani

Tehran, Iran, 4th December 2019 (GNP): Iran willing to negotiate as soon as US lifts sanctions: Hassan Rouhani
Hassan Rouhani, Iranian President states that the P5+1 are set to hold talks as soon as the US lifts its sanctions off of Iran that were re-imposed in May 2018. Rouhani also criticized these sanctions calling them wrong, oppressive and terroristic.

“We are under sanctions. This situation… is (because of) incitement by the Zionists and the region’s reactionary,” he claimed, pointing towards Israel and Saudi Arabia, its regional adversaries.

He exclaimed that he had made the very same point during his stay in New York for the United Nations General Assembly. In the past Russia, UK, US, France, China and Germany had made a nuclear agreement with Iran in 2015. However, after US withdrew from the internationally backed accord in the May of 2018, tensions between the two states exacerbated. Rouhani said the sanctions have left Iran no choice than to resist US, but the country yet remains open for negotiation. (GNP)