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Indian Occupied Kashmir’s Youth Fed Up With the Presence of Indian Military – GNP

Indian Occupied Kashmir’s Youth Fed Up With the Presence of Indian Military
By Shaikh Moazam Khan

In the recent past, Al-Jazeera has conducted a survey in Indian occupied region of Jammu and Kashmir. It aimed at to know about the wishes of Kashmiri youth. It concluded that more than 90 percent educated youth of Kashmir is in favor of complete withdrawal of the Indian Armed Forces from the valley. As the Jammu and Kashmir is one of the most militarized zone in the world, the social, political, and economic fabrics of the valley remained dormant throughout the history. The globalized world has no place to inject the draconian doctrines of the past based on hatred and marginalization of any class. Abrogation of articles pertain to the special status of Kashmir, mainly 370 and 35A, has invoked Kashmiri Intifada in the recent times. The self-afflicting rage among Kashmiri youth must be dealt with. Hence modern problems require modern solutions. The curfews, lockdowns, and blackouts can never win over the ideological beliefs of the people.

During cold war, several ethnic groups remained under control due to advocacy of two blocs, communist or capitalist. As the free world taken over the international arena, these groups were open to rejoice their victories. The outcome witnessed an influx of several new actors in international system. Unfortunately, Kashmir remained an outstanding and standstill issue for global actors until now. It has created vulnerable regional as well as global paradox. The Kashmir issue got pace in recent times. The international system seemed to be realizing its responsibility. The courtesy resides with educated youth of Kashmir. Several international and regional organization raised their voices over the issue namely, Human Rights Watch, OIC, EU, and United Nations and so on. They have shown concern over continued lockdowns, rapes, economic terrorism, blackouts, etc. The youth voice has established provisions to end the long standing dispute.

An interesting development is that Kashmiri youth urges plebiscite as solution to the problem. The plebiscite option is in line with United Nation’s resolution as well as former Indian PM Jawahar Lal Nehru’s promise to the Kashmiris. According to Washington Post survey, same statistics are the result in favor of referendum as before. Unfortunately, it never implemented. As for as Pakistan is concerned, it always advocated the wishes of Kashmiris according to the layout given by United Nations. The support accounted for 64 percent positive response coming from Pakistan. Meanwhile 79 percent of participants favors the western mediation or third party solution. To extend this notion, both American President Donald Trump as well as UN secretary Antonio Guterres offered to mediate the conflict between India and Pakistan on humanitarian grounds. A move applauded by several actors. But India is reluctant to facilitate any solution offered by third party. What added fuel to fire is Indian unilateral actions in Kashmir which violates the very spirit of the dispute? The Indian Parliament provided a complex legislation which by no means justified under international as well as national codes. The reluctance by Indian leadership to resolve the Kashmir issue stems from harsh realities of the past. Now that the Hindu national regime under BJP government has endorsed an everlasting bold notions of hatred against the minorities in India, the Kashmir issue doesn’t seem to get through very soon.

The ongoing scenario, amid Covid-19, has put the world under lockdown. However, Kashmir is under lockdown for several months. The whole world is dealing with corona virus but Kashmiris are facing double punishment at the same time. The India actions in Kashmir are worse than this virus. Today or tomorrow, the world will get rid of this severe virus outbreak but Kashmir is going to standstill. This is the time that the world community must look forward for to accelerate a positive development in Kashmir. There are cases related to corona virus reported in IOK, it is obligatory for major powers to intervene in this crisis so that once and for all the injustice in Kashmir and fight against Covid-19 should be put to rest.

India and introduced supplemented forces amid these fluctuations in international arena. The move is highly criticized by global community as well as the secular and liberal segments of the India society. Many considered the PM Modi’s actions in Kashmir as anti-democratic. India is harboring state sponsored terrorism through state machinery. Many young Kashmiri voices has been taken down through wrongful confinement of Kashmiri youth. They were being tortured but didn’t kneel against the Hindu Rashtra Bhakts. The youth voices must keep into their minds the long walk for freedom by Nelson Mandela. The solidarity of Sikh community with Kashmiri represents a pure picture of democratic minds of India. This notion could be rejoicing when secular and liberal Indians follow the footsteps of their founding fathers. A fair play with their Kashmiri brothers must be entertained. Along with these developments, Kashmiri youth have responsibility to persuade the international community that it is obligatory to implement peaceful and prosperous environment in the region.

It is time to test the ordinary educated young minds of India and Kashmir. Every young Indian has responsibility to make a choice because they are Indian and free in their homeland. It’s time for them to extend this freedom to their Kashmiri brothers and sisters as they are born free.

Sheikh Moazzam Khan is a freelance journalist from Pakistan and has written numerous articles at domestic and International forums including Nawa-e-Waqt, Express News, Sydney News, Geopolitica and Concept TV News. Sheikh has expertise on South Asian Regional Politics, Defence and Strategic Studies.