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Hundreds gather at Indonesian embassy for Eid Al-Fitr celebrations

Islamabad, 15  April 2024 (GNP): Hundreds of Indonesian nationals attended the Eid Al-Fitr celebration at the Indonesian Embassy’s compound on the first day of Eid on 10 April.

The celebration was started by Eid prayer followed by an Eid gathering which has been commonly known in Indonesia as “Halal Bihalal” a term of forgiveness spirit during Eid. Takbir, tahlil, and tahmid continuously reverberated before the Eid prayer, while Islamic nasheed was showcased during the gathering.

The Eid prayer was held on the open space of the Embassy amid moderate weather during Spring time. The congregation solemnly performed the Eid prayer led by Br. Muhsin Al Fatih Nasir as an Imam and continued to listen to Eid sermon addressed by Br. Farhan Aflah Abdillah as a Khatib. Both of them were students of Islamic Studies at the International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI).

In his sermon, Khatib underlined the importance of Ramadhan spirits to be consistently kept in everyone’s heart and mind. “With such spirits, all Muslims are expected to be much better in their life, study, works, and caring to others,” he explained.

Comments and expectations came from the Indonesian community participated the event. “I come from Peshawar. I desperately miss Eid celebration along with the Indonesian community while enjoying the authentic Indonesian Eid food such as chicken opor, lontong (compressed rice, and rendang beef, ,” said Aditya, an Indonesian citizen who currently works in UNHCR Peshawar in a no-family assignment basis.

Not only from Peshawar, many Indonesians also came from other areas in Pakistan, such as Lahore, Gujrat, Faisalabad and Rawalpindi. “I arrived at the Embassy on 6 am. Departure time from Faisalabad was at midnight. I insisted to go early since I was worried of late,” said an Indonesian female who was familiarly called Nisa.

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Indeed, the Indonesian Embassy’s compound has been a favorite venue for various Indonesian community gatherings within Ramadhan 1445 H. During Ramadhan this year, the Embassy hosted weekly iftar gathering for the Indonesian community and multiple community events.

The Embassy always opens its compound for any Indonesian community events for free of charge. In Islamabad, the Indonesian community comes from representatives of Islamic organizations of Nahdlatul Ulama and Muhammadiyah, Indonesian student association, Indonesian madrassa association of Gontor, and many more.

In his Eid message, the Indonesian Embassy’s Charge d’Affaires Rahmat Hindiarta highlighted that the Indonesian community was a valuable asset of Indonesian public diplomacy in Pakistan.

“All Indonesian people have to be proud of Pancasila (state five principles) as a reference for managing cultural and religious diversity in Indonesia.

Therefore, you must be more confident in representing Indonesia as a democratic, moderate, and great nation to the world,” he concluded his remarks