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Government might increase petrol prices

Price of Petrol is expected to increase by Rps. 8.98

Islamabad, 14 January 2023 (GNP): According to Pakistan Petroleum Division, the price of petrol is expected to increase by Rupees 8.98 per liter while the price of high-speed diesel (HSD) may rise by Rupees 1.06 per liter in the coming days.

However, the government could keep petroleum prices the same from January 16 to 31 by adjusting the rate of petroleum levy. Currently, consumers are being charged Rupees 50 per liter in petroleum levy on petrol and Rupees 32.50 per liter on high-speed diesel.

If the government decides to increase the price of petrol and HSD by Rps 8.98 and Rs 1.06 per liter, the cost of petrol will rise from Rs 214.80 to Rs 223.78 per liter while HSD will cost Rs 228.86 per liter compared to the current price of Rs 227.80.

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Apart from petrol and HSD, the price of kerosene oil is likely to decrease by Rs 3.10 to Rs 168.73 per liter while light diesel oil will decrease by Rs 2.39 to Rs 166.61 per liter for the second half of January 2023.