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Germany’s ambassador Alfred affirms supports for Ukraine

Islamabad, 27 February 2024 (GNP): In light of the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, Germany reaffirms its steadfast commitment to supporting Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, and progress towards stability and prosperity. The global community must unite in condemning Russia’s blatant disregard for international law and its aggressive actions against Ukraine.

Germany recognizes that supporting Ukraine is not only crucial for the security of Ukraine and Europe but for the stability of the entire world. The brave Ukrainian people, who are defending their freedom and homeland, deserve unwavering support from the international community.

Sovereignty and territorial integrity are fundamental principles of international law, enshrined in the UN Charter. Russia’s aggression against Ukraine poses a threat to the rules-based international order and must be met with resolute opposition from peace-loving nations.

The overwhelming global condemnation of Russia’s aggression underscores the solidarity of the international community in standing against injustice and aggression. Germany remains committed to supporting Ukraine financially, politically, and diplomatically.

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In 2024, Germany’s military aid to Ukraine will exceed 7 billion EUR, bringing the total support over the past two years to approximately 30 billion EUR. Additionally, Germany has provided significant humanitarian aid amounting to 840 million EUR, underscoring its commitment to alleviating the suffering of the Ukrainian people.

Looking ahead, Germany will host the “Ukraine Recovery Conference” in Berlin in June, aimed at charting a path towards Ukraine’s recovery and reconstruction post-conflict. Collaboration with Ukrainian partners, including civil society representatives, will be integral to fostering sustainable progress and stability in the region.

Despite the challenges posed by the conflict, Ukraine has achieved remarkable successes in reclaiming over 50% of the territory previously occupied by Russia and securing vital trade routes, including a corridor across the Black Sea for grain exports. Ukraine’s resilience and determination in the face of adversity are commendable and serve as a testament to the strength of the Ukrainian people.

Germany reiterates its unwavering support for Ukraine and calls upon the international community to stand united in support of Ukraine’s sovereignty, security, and aspirations for a peaceful and prosperous future.