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German Intelligence arrested Russian spy

German federal intelligence claim that they have caught a Russian operative in Germany. A suspicious member of the German Intelligence Service, BND, is arrested by the authorities on the charges of espionage for Moscow. The German Intelligence Chief, Burno Kahl, confirms this.

Berlin, 23 December 2022 (GNP): The German authorities claimed that they had arrested a suspected Russian spy, who is also a member of its BND, the foreign intelligence service of Germany established in the 1950s as a Secret Service of West German. The accused, named by the German officials as Carsten L, is supposed to be providing state secrets to Russian intelligence, and thus he has committed treason against the German state.

The German foreign intelligence service Chief Burno Kahl refused to divulge the identity of the accused Russian spy or give any further information about this spying case, as this could be helpful to Moscow.

The accused spy Carsten L was arrested from Berlin, the capital of Germany is now in custody for further investigation. His residence and workplace were also foraged by the authorities to seek possible evidence of this spying. It is also reported that another person who may be involved in this spying for Russia is now at large now. The federal prosecutors say that the accused person shared some sensitive information with Russian operatives this year. However, they did not give the timeframe for whether this intelligence stealing was done before or after the Ukrainian invasion by Russia.

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The German Chancellor Olaf Scholz had the intimation of this secret investigative operation of the foreign intelligence service. On 16 December, an arrest warrant was issued by the authorities for this accused.

Several European countries recently have charged Moscow for spying activities in their countries. Norway arrested an academic, while Sweden caught two brothers and a man working for Russian intelligence. Austria encircled a Greek citizen spying for Russia.

Earlier this year, a German military officer was tried for sharing sensitive information with Russian secret agents between 2014 and 2020.

After the arrest and trial of Markus Reichel, the triple adventurist agent working for Russia, the United States, and also his country Germany in 2014, this is the first time that an employee of BND has been arrested on the charges of espionage.

However, there was no response from Moscow, nor they commented on the arrest of their assumed German spy.