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France brain drain: Muslim professionals leaves country quietly

Paris, 17 May 2024, (GNP): A recent study reveals that well-educated French individuals with Muslim heritage, frequently the offspring of immigrants, are quietly emigrating from France to pursue fresh opportunities in cities such as London, New York, Montreal, or Dubai.

The authors of “France, you love it but you leave it,” released last month, acknowledged the challenge of precisely quantifying the number.

They discovered that 71 percent of over 1,000 respondents to their online survey cited experiences of racism and discrimination as contributing factors to their decision to leave.

Adam, who requested anonymity, shared with AFP that his new position in the United Arab Emirates has provided him with a renewed outlook.

In France “you need to work twice as hard when you come from certain minorities”, he said.

Adam expressed his deep appreciation for his French education and acknowledged missing his friends, family, and the vibrant cultural scene of his homeland.

Nonetheless, he expressed relief at leaving behind what he described as “Islamophobia” and “systemic racism,” recounting instances of being stopped by police without cause. France has a history of immigration, including from its former colonies in North and West Africa.

Presently, the offspring of Muslim immigrants who arrived in France with hopes of a brighter future express feeling marginalized in an environment growingly hostile towards them.

They point to France’s distinctive brand of secularism, which prohibits all religious symbols in public schools, including headscarves and long robes, as appearing to unfairly target the clothing choices of Muslim women.

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Another French Muslim, a 33-year-old tech worker of Moroccan heritage, informed AFP that he and his pregnant wife were considering relocating to “a more serene society” in Southeast Asia.

He expressed a desire to escape what he described as “the prevailing sense of gloom,” where television news channels appear to vilify all Muslims as scapegoats. Having moved to Paris from the lower-income suburbs where he grew up, the tech employee has resided in the same apartment building for two years.

“But still they ask me what I’m doing inside my building,” he said.

“It’s so humiliating.”

“This constant humiliation is even more frustrating as I contribute very honestly to this society as someone with a high income who pays a lot of taxes,” he added.