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France and Iraq sign agreement to bolster strategic cooperation

The Iraqi Prime Minister and the French President signed a strategic agreement to enhance bilateral co-operation in defense , energy, and transport sectors.

Paris, 28 January 2023 (GNP): France and Iraq signed a comprehensive strategic partnership agreement.

French President Emmanuel Macron and the Prime Minister of Iraq, Muhammad S. al-Sudani, signed the agreement in Paris, France. Prime Minister al-Sudani is on an official visit to France to discuss bilateral relations between the two countries, including security and energy matters.

The new agreement especially focuses on enhancing cooperation in energy, transportation, and investing sectors between Baghdad and Paris.

The development of oil and gas infrastructure in Iraq and increasing its production and exportation to generate foreign reserves for Iraq is the main pinpoint of this agreement.

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While the security paradigm of this agreement includes training, development, arming, and purchase of new advanced equipment for the Iraqi security forces.

However, it also reported that the Iraqi Prime Minister also asked the French President to use their influence on the New York Federal Reserves to soften their restrictions on the Iraqi commercial banks regarding US dollar transactions with them.

The economic and dollar crises have been swirling around the ruling Coordination Framework led by Prime Minister al-Sudani since October 2022.  The Coordination Framework is a political and parliamentary faction of Iraq that has close ties with Tehran.