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EU intends to reopen Afghan Diplomatic mission

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Kabul, 25 October 2021 (GNP/ TDI): The European Union is intending to reopen its diplomatic representation in Afghanistan. EU spokesperson Nabila Massrali said that the EU is working on establishing a minimal presence on the ground.

At this stage, this would only be for the EU. Member states may decide to join, but this is at their discretion. She also stated this is not a sign of recognition. EU wants to be able to better assist the Afghan people who need their help.

This move means that EU diplomats will return to Kabul about 12 weeks after they fled the city. This planned return comes as global powers attempt to work out how to deal with the country’s new leaders.

The EU bloc believes it needs a role in a Taliban-led Afghanistan to lobby for the protection of human rights. It will work to stop the country again becoming an exporter of terrorism. Also, it will also help to prevent a humanitarian crisis.

The EU is also responding to efforts by China, Russia, and Turkey, which did not close their embassies when Afghanistan’s former Government was overthrown. They continued to build close ties with the new regime. However, this action will help to make the region peaceful.

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