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COVID-19 and Response of Pakistani Government and Army By Shaikh Moazzam Khan

By Shaikh Moazzam Khan

It was expected that the year 2020 is going to witness massive geopolitical changes across the globe. On the sidelines of these changes, newly emerged phenomena in shape of Covid-19 has hit the humanity as hard as ever. Until now, 188 countries are swamp by the disastrous virus. Pakistan, being so close to China, is facing an alarming scenario pertaining to spread of the virus. Initially, Govt. campaigned preventive measures to avoid any calamity. As soon as the Covid-19 rings the bell of Pakistan, government has taken necessary steps to contain the spread of the virus. In the beginning, Prime Minister Imran Khan urged the nation to stay cautious. There is no need to create panic and stay calm.

Following the footsteps of host plus affected states, Pakistan hold suspension of flights. All the passengers were scrutinized carefully. The pilgrimages returning from Iran intensified the spread of virus, especially Zaireen coming from Iran. The Govt. took notice of the situation and closed the borders. Another positive step was taken by the authorities by establishing quarantine camps at Taftan, Baluchishtan. It helped to manage the containment of the pandemic.

Pakistan, a place of cricket lovers, was celebrating Pakistan Super League first full season at home. As the first positive case of virus came to light, the remaining matches were played without audience. It gave signal to ordinary citizen that the beast is right at the doors. Furthermore, Sindh was looking playground for the virus. It was the test for Sindh govt. With available resources, CM Muraad Ali Shah undertook serious steps by awareness campaign. It materialized the given health department’s facilities.

The Federal govt. stepped in when PM Imran Khan in his address to the nation stressed that we won’t be able to control the spread of corona virus until public get serious about the pandemic. The government announced closing of schools, colleges, universities, madrasas and several other public offices until 5th April. Along with this initiative, all the provincial govt. issued orders for closure of market and public places until Tuesday. It left groceries, vendors, and home delivery and take away restaurants to be open till 9 AM.

Basically, a lockdown without being locked was executed. PM Khan urges nation in his last address to the nation to stay home in self-quarantine. He meant self-isolation as it was undertook in South Korea. Italy and South Korea has similar ratio in the beginning of this March but how come Italy has suffered more human loss? The answer lies with deep hibernation of Korean for two weeks. Imran Khan tried to convince the nation that we won’t be able to bear a complete lockdown as the economy is in reviving. Considering economic backlash, Pakistan Armed forces has decided to spare proportionate account of salaries from top brigade to ensure relative stability. The several civil authorities are also considering the notion of Pak Army’s sagacious step.

From March 24, 2020 onwards the Punjab government has announced a complete lockdown for fourteen days. The other political units are also in line. Following the international order, State of Pakistan has taken responsibility with full swings to avoid the corona episodes of Italy and China. Though the world at large is under severe threat which has endangered humanity as ever, Pakistan has taking right steps at right time. The state has fulfilled its responsibility. Its time for ordinary citizen to act like a civilized nations and get rid of this disaster. It fears no borders, religions, and race. Due to absence of vaccine and medical facilities, prevention is the best cure. The message entailed in speech of Imran Khan was to limit and protect. It basically meant that one can protect oneself and his/her loved one’s by protecting himself. The South Korean authorities have endorsed the views that their ancestors fought the wars by guns but they can win this war by staying at homes. Truly, it is the only war which we can fight from home.

At this time, entire humanity is under threat. Our scientists, leadership, religious scholars and so on must inculcate the passion and love for humanity by exercising their high values for the safety of humanity on this earth. Not only in Pakistan but also across the globe most of poor segment of the society under serious conditions, it is our moral duty to have check on them for God sake. We must understand from the statement given by PM of Italy who said, “We have lost it on earth after putting everything available into action. We now seek mercy from the skies.”