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Colombia plane crash: Four children rescued after 40 days

Colombia, 10 June, 2023 (GNP): In a heartwarming development, Colombia’s President Gustavo Petro announced the miraculous rescue of four children who were found alive in the thick Colombian jungle more than five weeks after their plane crashed.

The children, aged 13, 9, 4, and just 12 months old, were discovered near the border between Caqueta and Guaviare provinces by the country’s military.

The plane, a Cessna 206, was en route from Araracuara to San Jose del Guaviare when it encountered engine failure and issued a distress call on May 1. Tragically, three adults, including the pilot, lost their lives in the crash, with their bodies found inside the aircraft.

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The survival of the four children amidst the challenging jungle conditions has been hailed as a remarkable feat.

The siblings, belonging to the Huitoto indigenous community, managed to fend for themselves, demonstrating their resourcefulness and knowledge of the rainforest environment.

President Petro expressed his joy at the news of their rescue, emphasizing the children’s resilience and their ability to endure in the midst of the jungle. The extensive search operation, conducted by Colombia’s military with support from search dogs, involved the deployment of planes and helicopters.

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Rescuers uncovered discarded fruit, which the children had consumed to sustain themselves, as well as makeshift shelters crafted from jungle vegetation.

To aid the search, supplies of food were dropped from helicopters, while planes fired flares to illuminate the area during night searches. Megaphones were used to relay a recorded message from the children’s grandmother, urging them to stay in one place.

The successful rescue of the children highlights the dedication and determination of the Colombian military and search teams, who left no stone unturned in their efforts. The nation celebrates the safe recovery of the children, who will now receive medical assessments and the necessary care.