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Chinese and Pakistani officials sign Onion Protocol

Onion protocol is an extension of the second phase of the CPEC

Chinese and Pakistani officials signed an onion protocol, today, in Islamabad.
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Islamabad, 23 November 2021 (GNP/ TDI): In an official ceremony Chinese and Pakistani officials signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to expedite the export of Pakistani onion to China.

The onion protocol is an extension of the second phase of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). According to an estimate, Pakistan grows approximately 1.8 million tons of onions every year.

Pakistan and China signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to expedite the export of Pakistani onion to China

During the second phase of CPEC, there will be more cooperation between China and Pakistan in the realm of agriculture; including the transfer of agricultural technologies. Consequently, the cooperation in the agriculture sector will further expand under the umbrella of CPEC’s second phase.

Pakistan is an agrarian economy. It is ideal for modern agricultural practices as the cultivated land in Pakistan is almost 40% of the total area.

In terms of vegetables and fruits, Pakistan has much to offer like mango, apple, and citrus fruits. The agricultural sector of Pakistan is essentially untapped. Cooperation between China and Pakistan in agricultural product processing, agricultural science and technology, agricultural infrastructure construction, and agricultural product trading will be fruitful for both partners.

Annual yield of Pakistani onion is recorded in millions of ton


In a meeting, the Pakistani Minister for National Food Security and Research, Syed Fakhar Imam, and the Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan, Nong Rong, agreed to jointly collaborate in the agriculture sector. Earlier, last month China and Pakistan also signed MoUs to introduce the revolutionary Chinese Juncao technology.

Chinese Juncao technology

Juncao technology uses chopped grass as forage for cattle and as a substrate to grow healing and edible mushrooms. It is a unique Chinese invention. The technology uses agricultural resources of heat, water, and light in an integrated way.

China will introduce the Juncao technology to the agriculture sector of Pakistan


Jun means mushroom whereas Cao means grass. This technology allows circular production which involves mushrooms, plants, and animals.  It has economic, social, and environmental advantages as it can generate income in 7-10 days.

Ambassador Nong Rong has confirmed that China will promote the export of onions, cherries, potatoes as well as other agricultural products from Pakistan. Furthermore, China will introduce more agriculture-related products of Pakistan into the Chinese Market.

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