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BISP implements transparent mechanism for deserving identification, Dr. Tahir Noor

Islamabad, 9 January, 2024 (GNP): Dr. Muhammad Tahir Noor, Additional Secretary of BISP has said that Benazir Income Support Programme has adopted a transparent mechanism for identifying deserving individuals. BISP is currently providing financial assistance to 9.3 million poor families.

During a Live E-Katcheri session at BISP headquarters today, Dr. Tahir Noor informed callers that information regarding needy families is collected through a computerized mechanism, ensuring transparency at maximum level.

Dr. Tahir Noor further informed the participants that after the enrollment of new beneficiaries, they will also receive benefits of BISP initiatives such as Kafaalat, Taleemi Wazaif and Nashouma. This comprehensive approach aims to address the various needs of vulnerable populations, ensuring their overall well-being.

The live E-Katcheri session, broadcasted through BISP’s official Facebook account, aimed to directly engage with BISP beneficiaries and the general public to address their grievances.

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During the E-Katcheri session, Dr. Muhammad Tahir Noor personally received live phone calls from BISP beneficiaries and the general public.

Callers from all corners of the country actively participated, discussing a range of issues such as problems with the registration process, non-receipt of stipends, inquiries about eligibility status, and various complaints related to payment disbursements.

Dr. Muhammad Tahir Noor, directed the concerned officials to address the issues raised by the public promptly. He emphasized the need to personally contact and assist individuals in need, ensuring a comprehensive resolution to their concerns.

Additional  Secretary BISP issued clear directives to all officials to resolve pending complaints immediately and submit a comprehensive compliance report by the end of the day. This commitment to swift action reflects BISP’s dedication to ensuring the well-being and satisfaction of its beneficiaries.