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Beijing pledges to protect Pak-China cooperation from being sabotaged

Islamabad, 27 March,  2024 (GNP): China reaffirmed its backing for Pakistan’s socioeconomic progress, emphasizing that efforts to disrupt collaboration between China and Pakistan will be unsuccessful.

Islamabad and Beijing have a longstanding, strong bond often referred to as “iron brotherhood,” and they have both committed to preserving these relations despite recent terrorist attacks highlighting insurgency.

On Wednesday, an incident of suicide bombing occurred in Besham, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, targeting five Chinese citizens along with their Pakistani driver.

After the attack, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lin Jian reiterated strong support for Pakistan, emphasizing their solidarity in the fight against terrorism.

In a press briefing, Jian highlighted Beijing’s commitment to safeguarding the security of Chinese citizens, institutions, and projects overseas. He stated that both nations are resolute and capable of holding terrorists accountable.

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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lin Jian reaffirmed the enduring partnership between China and Pakistan, emphasizing that no efforts will undermine their cooperation. He also underscored China’s support for Pakistan’s socioeconomic development and reiterated their commitment to collaborating in various sectors for the mutual benefit of both nations.

In a parallel development, Pakistani civil and military authorities convened a high-level security meeting and reaffirmed their commitment to ensuring the safety of Chinese nationals working in the country.