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APHC leader urges Kashmir’s conflict resolution

The UN Security Council has to implement its resolution about Kashmir dispute which has been passed on 5 January, 1949.

Islamabad, 4 January 2023 (GNP): Naeem Ahmed Khan, All Parties Hurriyat Conference’s (APHC) senior leader said that the UN security council had to implement its Kashmir related resolution; the resolution which was passed on 5 January 1949.  India doesn’t have any right to maneuver its decision in spite of a UN resolution, and the Indian denial of a UN resolution continuously imbalances the security and peace in Kashmir.

The resistant leader of the Indian occupation of Kashmir issued a statement in Tihar Jail, Delhi, regarding the right to Self-determination Day and said that India’s policy about Kashmir was based on discrimination against humanity and self-determination right in Kashmir and didn’t give rights to the people of Kashmir as per the UN resolution. India has been a stumbling block in the peaceful settlement of the Kashmir conflict for more than seven decades.

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Identifying the drastic impacts of the long-running Kashmir conflict, Ahmed said that it is high time to resolve the conflict between Kashmir and India as per the resolution of the UN security council.

The UN must ensure its resolution and presence to make a transparent and peaceful settlement in Kashmir and pressure the Indian government to implement the UN resolution which was passed on January 5, 1949.

The acknowledgment of Kashmir’s fundamental rights and participation and they have to provide a safe and sound road map to resolve the conflict peacefully.

In the end, the APHC leader said that Kashmiris would decide their future without any pressure and the UN had to arrange an alive and well environment for Kashmiris. However, the UN security council has the power to justify its resolution and resolve the conflict in Kashmir accordingly.

The UN security council has to maneuver its decision and resolution, which has been passed in the context of the Kashmir dispute settlement. The future of Kashmir should be decided by the will of Kashmir’s people, he adds.