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Andrew Tate appeal for release rejected by Court

The Appeal Court in Bucharest turned down the release appeal of the American-British social media influencer, Andrew Tate. He along with other three are accused for running a syndicate. He also carried the Holy Quran to the Appeal Court

Bucharest, 12 January 2023 (GNP):  The appeal of the controversial British-American influencer Andrew Tate arrested by the Romanian authorities on the charges of human trafficking, rape and making of pornographic videos has been rejected by the court.

Andrew Tate, his brother Tristan, and two other Romanian nationals were arrested by the Romanian Police last month on the charges of running an organized criminal network.

The court had granted a 30 days detention period as was requested by the Police officials on 30 December 2022 for their detailed investigations in this case.

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It is also reported that Andrew Tate, who was handcuffed to his brother, Tristan, carried the copy of the Holy Quran to the Appeal Court of Bucharest.

Andrew Tate publicly accepted Islam in last October, though his lifestyle and the potential involvement in the pornographic business drastically contrast with the basic teachings of Islam.

The Police officials confirmed that they have at least identified six victims who were sexually exploited by this syndicate.

However, Andrew Tate’s lawyer, Eugen Vidineac, said that baseless charges have been leveled against his clients.

In 2016, he was removed from the British TV reality show Big Brother, showing him attacking a female participant in the show. He is also banned from Twitter for saying negative about women.

Despite all these bad stirs, he has a strong male following on social media for his promoting and supporting ultra-masculinity and ultra-luxurious lifestyles for men.

Before getting their nationality in Britain, Andrew Tate, 36, was a successful US kickboxer.