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AJK’s orphans trust wins Zayed Sustainability Prize at COP28

Dubai, 4 December, 2023 (GNP): In a momentous achievement, the Kashmir Orphan Relief Trust (KORT) Educational and Residential Complex in Azad Kashmir secured the esteemed Zayed Sustainability Prize at the COP28 conference held in Dubai.

Emerging victorious in the Global High Schools (South Asia) category, the KORT Educational and Residential Complex in Mirpur garnered this prestigious award, as confirmed in an official statement.

Established in the aftermath of the catastrophic 2005 earthquake in Mirpur, the school, under the aegis of Kashmir Orphan Relief Trust (KORT), stands as a beacon of hope, offering education and lodging to 1,500 orphaned children.

The institution, supported by overseas Pakistanis, has been recognized for its relentless pursuit of sustainable initiatives.

Notably, the school is actively engaged in organic farming and water conservation projects, aimed at providing nutritious sustenance to both students and the local community.

Chaudhry Akhter, Chairman of KORT, expressed his gratitude, emphasizing the institution’s dedication to providing exceptional education, boarding, clothing, and healthcare to orphaned children.

At the climate conference, United Arab Emirates President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan personally bestowed the award upon two students representing the KORT school.

Chairman KORT Akhter highlighted, “This recognition for the Kashmir Orphan Relief Trust aligns with our mission to ensure a brighter future for orphaned children through sustainable practices. It signifies our commitment to their welfare and positions us as global pioneers in sustainability and positive transformation.”