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Proofreading Services

As the old saying goes,  “You never get a second chance to make a great first impression”. Your written words are often all that your clients and customers have to form that critical first impression. Whether it’s a business letter, website content, manuscript, sales presentation, packaging or related marketing materials, we ensure your communications are error-free.

Our Professional Proofreaders Speak Your Language

GNP proofreading is performed by a native speaker of the target language (English or foreign language) who has studied the art of writing/text cohesion. Our expert proofreaders review your communications with a keen eye on:

  • Correcting spelling and poor grammar
  • Fixing punctuation errors, like capitalization, verb tense and comma use
  • Meeting applicable industry style guidelines
  • Providing sound sentence structure
  • Ensuring overall consistency and message clarity

We can also proofread existing multilingual copy of previously translated materials in virtually any language.

Proofreading Labels & Labeling-Related Documents

GNP offers diverse proofreading services in the areas of product packaging, consumer goods labeling, bio-pharmaceutical labeling, etc. In particular, we lend our expertise to review labels and labeling-related documents that support domestic and global operations. This proofreading is essential to avoid costly redesign of incorrect artwork, product recalls or having to re-submit corrected materials and other health authorities. Here’s how we can assist:

  • Proofread prescription drug labeling, packaging and submission documents for U.S. & export markets, primarily in English (Word document/SPL submissions, artwork, etc.)
  • Proofread products destined for South American markets, (Spanish and Portuguese), as well as the Canadian market (Canadian French) and other multi-lingual export markets
  • Review labeling documents for accuracy, clarity and consistency of content and format
  • Highlight other non-grammatical inconsistency observations, such as artwork or layout & design

Outstanding Proofreader Credentials

  • Excellent command of grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Extensive prior experience in proofreading
  • Meticulous work habits and practices
  • Proficiency in standard office technology, including the Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Acrobat, and more
  • General understanding of pharmaceutical, consumer goods, consumer packaging, legal and healthcare terminology
  • Familiarity with labeling related practices
  • Experience in proofreading prescription drug labeling