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Global News Pakistan (GNP) is Pakistan’s first ever ‘Multilingual News Agency’ which aims to provide a platform for disseminating news in national, regional and international languages. The agency is currently providing services in news, translation, research studies and also interpretation for relevant events in multiple languages: English, Urdu, Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, German, Portuguese, Persian and Spanish are the linguistic areas of expertise of our agency. The agency, hence, is aiming to act as bridge between nations for understanding and informed dialogue.  The GNP, as one of the leading news agencies, intends to provide space for understanding between a diverse national, regional and international community by breaking up the

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What We Offer

GNP comprises of several major components:
1. The provision of the local News in different languages,
2. Translation Services,
3. Researches,
4. Reports and Books in Foreign Languages, ,
5. Most significantly, we offer Interpretation services at different events in English, Urdu, Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, German, Portuguese, Persian and Spanish with having professional, fast and confident methods. It is a known fact acknowledged by us that in mass communication the automatic translations provided by different software can never replace or be compared with high quality of professional indigenous language expert reporters and translators, who are working with us with commitment and professional excellence.

How We Are Doing

GNP is a growing network of media and public-private relationship and is also enhancing partnerships at global level. We are providing best possible working relationship with tailoring the needs of all the services offered as per the requirement. With aim to develop the network of indigenous language experts, we are specialized in providing exact cultural context to the ideational basis of any speech and event in our translation.

Our News & Translation Services

We offer following News and Translations Services:
1) All known Pakistani (Regional and provincial) Languages
2) All Known Regional Languages ranging from South, East, West, Central and across Asian languages including Hindi, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Japanese , Persian, Korean, Dari, Pushto, and so on
3) All major International Languages of the world.
Feel free to contact us for further information about the services that we offer or let us know about your need or a translation project. Send us your query at or contact us directly at the phone numbers and addresses given..


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We Are Hiring Reporters & Translators

As a result of our growing network and our ongoing News and Translation projects, we are recruiting professional, experienced Reporters and Translators for various languages. Kindly send us your resume, work sample at